About Me

Ian Philips

I'm a curious software developer intent on creation.



Built VR app Eyeflite Ava , its multi-service backend in GO, an android library to port Geckoview (Firefox) to Unity, and a speech to text iOS app with a Python backend. Attended Boomtown Accelerator with cohort 10.

Janurary 2017
CTO, Co-Founder


I designed, tested, and trained computer vision models in Python, TensorFlow, and OpenCV in Ubuntu on Docker for the SaferPool Smart Camera. I created an iOS (using Swift) app to receive the server-side alerts. I also designed and implemented the HaveASaferpool website with HTML5, CSS, Adobe Illustrator, and Python-Django.

May 2017
CV Developer at Blue Alloy Labs

Blue Alloy Labs

I worked on several augmented reality prototypes for sale to companies. These included Siv, an augmented reality iOS app that overlaid nutritional information animations on products in grocery stores, and Assembly, an iOS app that overlaid animated furniture assembly steps onto individual furniture pieces. Attended Boomtown Accelerator with cohort 10.

January 2017
AR Software Developer

Virtual Pedals

I designed and implemented a virtual guitar effects pedal app in iOS using Swift, Objective-C, OpenCV, and PD. It's published under the name VPedals on the App Store.

December 2016
iOS Mobile Engineer

Moncrief Intern and Researcher at University of Texas Computational Visualization Center

Studied and conducted parallel computing experiments with University of Texas's Stampede supercomputer on the 3-D structure of the Zika virus. Contributed to the ongoing 3-D mapping Skull Atlas project.

November 2015
Software Developer

2 years in Computer Science

3.97 GPA

December 2014
Student at University of Texas at Austin

B.S. in Food Science focused on Public Health

3.91 GPA

August 2009
Student at Virginia Tech


Projects and Contributions


Vpedals is an iOS app (iPad or iPhone) that lets users add delay, reverb, and distortion to any sound in real time. Users can draw an area on their camera feed that toggle effects when a foot enters and leaves the area.


The SaferPool Smart Camera detects persons in a user's pool area and sends alerts via the SaferPool app. Users can draw the bounds of the pool area using the app. Users can also add faces via the app that automatically deactivate the alarm.


A toolkit for making real world machine learning and data analysis applications in C++ and Python.

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